Ashok Leyland 4225 TIPPER

Ashok Leyland 4225 Tipper

₹42 Lakh onwards

(Ex-Showroom Price)

Key Features of Ashok Leyland 4225 Tipper

Fuel Tank220/300

4225 Tipper Highlights

Introducing the revolutionary industry first modular trucks from Ashok Leyland – take your business to the next level. The modular platform is first of its kind in the Indian CV industry with multiple options of axle configuration, loading spans, cabins, suspensions, drivetrains on a single platform for range of Haulage Trucks, Tippers and Tractors.

Modularity is an approach where the aggregates of a vehicle are divided into smaller sub-aggregates based on functionality and geometry. These sub-aggregates are called modules and have standardized interfaces. This helps in maintaining interchangeability and reducing number of parts.

The aggregates have also been improved in this platform which will ensure higher reliability and low maintenance cost. The modular range comes with range of cabin options with improved safety and comfort features. The modular range can be customized to individual customer’s needs – load, terrain, application and operational requirements. The Modular platform will deliver higher performance and productivity and will improve Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).



  • Choice of iGen6 series engines to suit your load – road requirements
    • Proven iEGR technology carried forward
    • Higher power and torque
    • Flat torque curve for maximum mileage
  • Revolutionary Mid-NOx technology
    • Compact EATS
    • Longest regeneration interval in the industry
    • Lowest Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) consumption
  • Unique HC dozer
    • Unique HC dozer improves thermal efficiency of Exhaust After Treatment System (EATS) with least diesel consumption
  • Right driveline
    • Optimised driveline to suit Application-Load-Road requirement
  • New improved cooling system
    • Wider radiator with centralized cooling fan
    • Viscotronic fan clutch reduces fan duty cycle
  • Heavy duty air compressor
    • Larger 318 cc air compressor across the range – lesser idle time for air buildup
  • Interactive cluster with driver guidance
    • Guides driver in right gear and speed selection
    • Instant KMPL indication


  • New improved track rod levers for superior steering geometry
    • Different track rod levers based on wheelbases
    • Improved Ackermann geometry
  • Parallel u bolts
    • Parallel U bolts for better torque retention
  • Sealed ball joints
    • Lubricated for life – low end play
    • No need for adjustment / greasing
  • Improved frame
    • HSS steel frame. Frame thickness as per load and road – improved axle alignment
    • Fine pitch fasteners for better alignment retention
  • Flow formed wheels
    • Flow formed wheel rims – better surface finish and alignment
  • Choice of suspension
    • Suspension choices to suit load/road conditions – no need to add leaves


  • Higher driving comfort
    • All new cab designs
    • Better NVH characteristics
    • Choice of 4 cab options to suit application
  • Smoother gearshifts
    • Cable gear shift to give car like smooth gear shifts
  • Easier steering
    • Larger 21LPM steering pump for lower steering effort
  • Option of drivetrains
    • Drivelines to suit load/road requirements – higher TAT
  • Comfortable cabin
    • Option of AC and HVAC
    • Superior comfort in extreme operating conditions
  • Advanced Digital Driver Assistance (ADDA)
    • Advanced guidance and navigation features for trip optimisation


  • Longer service intervals
    • Longer service intervals
    • No change in lubricant capacities
  • Heavy duty components
    • No fabricated brackets used
    • 100% brackets are of heavy duty cast iron – assuring structural rigidity
  • New improved frame design
    • Stronger frame design with HSS steel
    • ZAC coated fine pitch fasteners cast iron – assuring structural rigidity
  • Integrated pedal unit
    • Brake and clutch pedals mounted in single unit
    • Eliminates need for brake/clutch setting – ensures longer clutch/brake lining life
  • Grease free clutch operation
    • Unilever clutch
    • No greasing required for clutch actuation
  • Unitized wheel bearings
    • Grease packed for life
    • No periodical greasing / adjustment required
  • Integrated heavy duty Bogie suspension
    • Single piece cast design.
    • Inverted U-bolt arrangement for ease of accessibility for torque tightening.
    • V-rod and Radius rods are in horizontal to the ground –  improves tyre and wear pad/bolster life.


  • Powerful brakes
    • 10 Bar Brake system
    • Exhaust brake available
  • All metal front facia
    • Full front fascia made of metal – safety assured
    • All metal bumper for easy repairability
  • Improved NRS suspension
    • No projection above frame on NRS suspension – allows taller load bodies payloads
  • Fully built options
    • All variants available
  • Improved electricals
    • Modular harness – lower no. of unique parts.
    • Moulded power cables with guided channels for better safeyt
  • Antiroll bar
    • Improves safety in high speeds and tall loads
  • Improved Braking
    • Increased system pressure to 10 bar


  • Choose from a range of vehicle configuration options to suit your operational needs
  • A range of cabins to choose from:
    • N cabins – Premium offering, for those demanding applications calling for highest productivity. AC and HVAC option available


Engine typeA series BS-VI
Maximum power250 HP @ 2200 rpm
Maximum Torque900 Nm @ 1200-1800 rpm
Clutch395 mm dia – single plate, dry type with clutch booster
Gear box type9 speed synchromesh – FGR 12.73
Propeller shaft3 piece propeller shaft
Rear axleFully floating single speed rear axle RAR: 6.17
Front axleForged I section – Reverse Elliot type
SteeringHydraulic assisted power steering
Frame275 X 75 X 8+6 mm – Bolted construction
Cabin optionsN- Day cabin
Front SuspensionSemi-elliptic multi leaf, Optional – Parabolic
Rear SuspensionNRS Semi-elliptic
BrakesFull air Dual line brakes with ABS with ASAParking brake on rear wheels only
Fuel tank375L cross-linked polymer Fuel Tank on LH side
Ad blue tank48 Lts capacity on RH Side
Electricals24V-120 AH (150AH for AC Models)
Tyre295/90R20 | 295/95D20 | 11×20 16PR | 11R20 16PR
GVW42000 Kg
Load body24 m3 | 26 m3

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