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New Car, Used Car, Commercial Vehicle, Auto Loan, Two wheeler, Tractors we deal with all kind of automobile and automobile related product.


Other than buying a car, bike, truck or bus, you may also need various additional services like auto finance, insurance, knowledge about accessories and other related services like RC Transfer, Driving License, Fitness Certificate etc.

We have tied up with various third party agents in different cities and online e-commerce partners which will help you complete your process smoothly.

In our Auto Accessories section you can read about the best products that we have shortlisted for our readers.



Find services specifically related to Used Automobiles. Find used car, bike dealers in your city, evaluate used car, used two wheeler and used commercial vehicle you want to buy or sell.

Get the exact market valuation of the used car you are going to buy or sell

Get the exact market valuation of the used car you are going to buy or sell

Get the exact market valuation of the used car you are going to buy or sell


Motor Haat is your local automobile market which foccuses on all kind of automobile transactions. Our services range from two wheeler to cars to big commercial vehicle. We help you in buying, selling, getting a finance for your vehicle, refinance, auto finance. Our used car valuation is one of the best in the industry which calculates the realistic used car value for your car that you intend to buy or sell.

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You can now calculate the Genuine Used Car Price through our GAP Tool of the car you are planning to buy or sell. We have considered more than 50 factors which make the predicted car price more of an exact price on which the transaction may take place in the market.

customer to customer

At Motor Haat we beleive that for any used car or commercial vehicle, customer to customer transaction should be done which brings out the best value to a buyer and a seller. We try to match your demand of a used automobile to a seller near your location so that you an the seller get the best value from the transaction

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Other than automobile transaction we also provide our services in auto loan, auto insurance and auto services. You can get any of these without going out of your house or office where someone from our partner team would get in touch with you and carry out the process.