Farmtrac Tractor in India

Farmtrac under Escort group is one of the premium range tractor manufacturing brands which remains one step ahead in the Indian tractor market. This tractor company offers premium tractors by keeping in mind farmer’s daily operations. Farmtrac provides amazing tractor solutions that will increase the power and quality of their work. Farmtrac strongly believes that Indian farmers can use premium machinery to help them achieve high productivity farming. 

Farmtrac is involved in the premium manufacturing tractors to powerful and daily farming types of equipment. If you want to select both premium and efficient operations then Farmtrac Tractor is the only solution.

Farmtrac Tractor Price starts from Rs. 4.00 Lakh. The most expensive Farmtrac Tractor is Farmtrac 6080 X Pro price at Rs.12.50 Lakh. Farmtrac offers a wide range of 25+ tractor models in India, and HP range starts from 22 hp to 80 hp. The most popular Farmtrac tractor models are Farmtrac 45, Farmtrac 60, Farmtrac 6055 Classic T20, etc. Farmtrac Mini Tractor models are Farmtrac Atom 22, Farmtrac Atom 26, etc.

Farmtrac Tractor Price List 2020 in India

Latest Farmtrac Tractors
Tractor HP
Farmtrac Tractor Price
Farmtrac 6050 HPRs.6.30-6.80 Lac*
Farmtrac CHAMPION XP 4142 HPRs.5.50 Lac*
Farmtrac 60 EPI T2050 HPRs.6.75-6.95 Lac*
Farmtrac 45 EPI Classic Pro48 HPRs.5.90-6.40 Lac*
Farmtrac Atom 2622 HPRs.4.80-5.00 Lac*
Farmtrac 50 Smart50 HPRs.6.20-6.40 Lac*
Farmtrac 60 PowerMaxx55 HPRs.7.20-7.55 Lac*
Farmtrac 6055 PowerMaxx60 HPRs.7.89-8.35 Lac*
Farmtrac 45 Executive Ultramaxx – 4WD47 HPRs.6.90-7.40 Lac*
Farmtrac Champion 3939 HPRs.4.90-5.20 Lac*
Farmtrac 6055 PowerMaxx 4WD60 HPRs.8.99-9.60 Lac*
Farmtrac 45 Classic45 HPRs.5.95-6.25 Lac*
Farmtrac 50 EPI PowerMaxx50 HPRs.6.50-6.90 Lac*
Farmtrac Champion 4242 HPRs.5.25-5.50 Lac*
Farmtrac 4545 HPRs.5.75-6.20 Lac*

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