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About Genuine Automobile Pricing - Accurate Used Commercial Vehicle Price

India’s only commercial vehicle pricing tool which provides you with a realistic and accurate current market value of your commercial vehicle that takes into account more than 20 factors. The tool is ever evolving taking feed backs from market expectations, actual transactions, dealer partners and most importantly end users.

The used commercial vehicle market prices are calculated by taking dealer prices, customer prices, listed pricing of the same model in different auto portals and other similar factors into consideration.

Due to consideration of many factors the indicated used commercial vehicle prices may differ from other calculators who use only theoretical factors to calculate the market value of your commercial vehicle.

How to Calculate Accurate Used Commercial Vehicle Market Price for Free?

Click on the brand you want to buy or sell, select what you want to do, buy or sell, from a dealer or customer, select the exact model and trim, year of manufacturing, number of owners and most importantly the vehicle condition and get the current market price of your used commerical vehicle instantly for free. 

The indicative used commercial vehicle prices are dynamic and calculated considering a mix of static and dynamic factors.

Motor Haat does not require you to enter your name, phone number or email ID to get the prices, so you are free from any kind of telemarketing calls after you have used the used commerical vehicle market price calculator.

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The used two wheeler prices shown are indicative and you are advised to do some more market research to compare the prices available for used two wheeler online.