Swaraj Tractors in India

Swaraj Tractor Price starts from Rs. 2.60 Lakh. The most expensive Swaraj Tractor is Swaraj 963 FE price at Rs. 8.40 Lakh. Swaraj offers a wide range of 20+ tractor models in India, and HP range starts from 15 hp to 75 hp. The most popular Swaraj Tractor models are Swaraj 735 FE, Swaraj 744 FE, Swaraj 855 FE, etc. Swaraj Mini Tractor models are Swaraj 717, Swaraj 724 XM, Swaraj 825 XM, etc.

Swaraj Tractor Price List 2020 in India

Latest Swaraj Tractors
Tractor HP
Swaraj Tractor Price
Swaraj 744 FE48 HPRs.6.25-6.60 Lac*
Swaraj 855 FE52 HPRs.7.10- 7.40 Lac*
Swaraj 735 FE40 HPRs.5.50-5.85 Lac*
Swaraj 71715 HPRs.2.60-2.85 Lac*
Swaraj 963 FE60 HPRs.7.90-8.40 Lac*
Swaraj 742 FE42 HPRs.5.75-6.00 Lac*
Swaraj 724 XM ORCHARD25 HPRs.3.95 Lac*
Swaraj 735 XT38 HPRs.5.30-5.70 Lac*
Swaraj 724 XM25 HPRs.3.75 Lac*
Swaraj 834 XM35 HPRs.4.90 Lac*
Swaraj 960 FE55 HPRs.7.55-7.85 Lac*
Swaraj 843 XM-OSM45 HPRs.5.75-6.10 Lac*
Swaraj 825 XM25 HPRs.3.45 Lac*
Swaraj 744 XM48 HPRs.6.30-6.70 Lac*
Swaraj 735 XM35 HPRs.5.60-5.90 Lac*

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