Katy Perry In India and a look at the cars she owns

Katy Perry is in India for a concert. A movie based on her life would surely be a real rag to riches story. She was born in a poor family, money, as well as food, was limited and now she is the highest-paid woman in the music world with a net worth over 500 million dollars.

Like any other popular celebrity, she owns a fleet of cars. Starting from Mercedes Benz W 180 to Ferrari California to Maseratti, she has a range of cars in her fleet. We also believe that she is environment-friendly as she owns a Tesla S and it has also been reported that she has bought all her assistants a luxury electric car.

Katty Perry is here in Mumbai and will perform on 16 November with Dua Lipa at the DY Patil Stadium, Mumbai as part of the One Plus Music Festival.

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