Documents Required to Get a Driving License in Haryana

Want to get a driving license from Haryana? You can get a learner’s license first followed by a full time driving license. You can also get your driving license renewed if it has reached the date of expiry. Following are the list of documents required to get a driving license in the state of Haryana

Form NoDescriptionViewDownload
Form 1Application-cum-declaration as to physical fitness.PDF icon form1.pdfform1.pdf
Form 4Application for Licence to Drive.PDF icon form4.pdfform4.pdf
Form 8Application for the addition of new class of vehicle to a Driving LicencePDF icon form8.pdfform8.pdf
Form 2Application for the Grant of Learner‘s licence.PDF icon form2.pdfform2.pdf
Form 9Application for the Renewal of Driving Licence.PDF icon form9.pdfform9.pdf
Form 1AMedical CertificatePDF icon form1a.pdfform1a.pdf

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