Documents Required for Driving License in Kerela

Are planning to get a driving license from Kerela? We have listed the procedures and documents required to get a learners license, permanent license and renewal of license in Kerela.

Documents required for Learner’s Licence and Fresh Driving Licence in Kerela

  • Form 3 for Learners License
  • Form of Applicant for Licence to Drive a Motor Vehicle – Form 4
  • Application-cum-Declaration as to Physical Fitness – Form 1
  • Medical Certificate – Form
  • Form of Applicant for the Grant of Learner’s Licence – Form 2
  • Driving Certificate Issued by Driving School or Establishments (for Transport Vehicles only)
  • Eye Certificate

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Addition of Class in Driving Licence 

Form 8 – Addition of Class

New Badge – Driving License

Form of Application for Authorization to Drive a Transport Vehicle – Form LTA

Duplicate Driving Licence  

  • Intimation of Loss or Destruction of Driving Licence and Application for Duplicate – Form DDLD
  • Affidavit – Download here

 Renewal of Driving Licence  

Form of Application for the Renewal of Driving Licence – Form 9

International Driving Permit 

Form of Application for Issue of International Driving Permit to Drive a Motor Vehicle in Other Countries – Form 4A

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